Thinking Tomorrow

Sustainable, high-yield investments with mitigated risks, in a manageable time frame!

Sun-Water-Air-Earth...Saving the elements!

CIC Invest findet, definiert, entwickelt und betreibt zukunftsorientierte Investments. Beim Thema Zukunft CIC Invest der erfahrene Partner, wenn aus innovativen Ideen, nachhaltige profitable Lösungen werden sollen. Über 20 Jahre Erfahrung in Con-
sulting, Planung, Realisierung und Management erfolgreicher Beteiligungen machen CIC Invest zu einem verlässlichen Partner auf dem Weg in die Zukunft.

CIC Invest finds, defines, develops and operates future-oriented investments. When it comes to the future, CIC Invest is the experienced partner when innovative ideas are to be turned into sustainable profitable solutions. More than 20 years of experience in consulting, planning, realization and management of successful investments make CIC Invest a reliable partner on the way into the future.


CIC Invest - Sun

The full service provider around Photovoiltaik.

Whether it is a complete project or a demand-oriented individual measure: CIC Invest offers the appropriate service in every phase of the life of a PV system.

The range of services extends from the selection and evaluation of suitable sites, through proof of economic viability and construction of the plant, to subsequent grid connection, maintenance and monitoring.

With a current development portfolio of 800 MW and 15 years of experience from a large number of successful projects, CIC Invest is one of the leading addresses in the PV industry.

  • Project development
  • EPC monitoring and support 
  • Operation and maintenance 
  • Asset Management
  • current projects in Italy and Germany

CIC Invest - Water

The innovative technology provider in water production
and treatment.

Concept development including technology implementation!

Whether drinking water production by means of regenerative energy or biological purification - whether treatment of waste water without the use of electricity or chemical substances - state-of-the-art technologies form the basis of all CIC Invest projects concerning the existential topic of water. 

Tested, verified, implemented - Innovative technologies secure the future!

  • Drinking water
  • Desalinierung 
  • Decentral Atmosphere Water Production & Energy Storage 
  • Role CIC invest: Concept development incl. technology implementation
  • clean water for agriculture, sanitation, industry, etc.
  • Technology: purely biological, without the use of electricity or chemical substances.
  • Purification of groundwater, construction wastewater, seepage water, industrial wastewater
  • Wetland Ecosys
  • Joint venture with German MDAX-listed group
  • Reference: "Nimre Water Treatment Plant" (Oman)
  • Target CIC Invest: offer water recycling with similar, innovative concept as PV Easy (only with water) "Wetland Easy".

CIC Invest - Air

Participation in the solution, instead of being part of the problem

Cargo transport, executive transport or pipeline surveillance conversion of aircraft. Sustainability in all areas is the credo of the CIC Airline project.

The use of sustainable fuels or innovative aircraft skin technologies are just a few examples of our commitment to the goal of implementing the ESG concept.

With CIC Aviation - the sky gets structure.

  • Transportation of bulky cargo/oversized cargo/special air cargo 
  • Use of special aircraft 
  • Target group: Managers/executives
  • Use of private jets + limousines
  • door-to-door-Transport
  • first class transport of UHWs
  • Monitoring of critical infrastructure, e.g. oil or water pipelines
  • by means of appropriately equipped aircraft
  • High-quality state-of-the-art monitoring and evaluation software
  • Contribution to security of supply
  • Conversion of passenger aircraft into multi-purpose aircrafts 
  • battery-powered flight operation on short distances
  • Use of this technology in the above-mentioned areas as soon as it is available for the market

CIC Invest – Earth

Live instead of live - real estate in the most beautiful places in the world

Attractive, high-yield, sustainable - CIC Tourism Investments offer the special recreation factor. Invest and benefit at the same time.
The CIC Full Service for owners and investors includes all services from acquisition, refurbishment and leasing to asset management.

CIC - Luxury vacation properties for the precious time in your life.

  • Project development
  • Projektrealisierung 
  • Renting the units
  • Asset Management der Anlage 
  • Maintenance of the plant

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