About us

Our mission statement

Trust is everything - without trust everything is nothing! This credo is not only our daily guiding principle, but also our claim. In an increasingly digitalized world, people no longer necessarily buy directly from people, but from companies they can trust. For us, trust is the cornerstone of our actions.

For us, investments represent a leap of faith. They represent faith in the future, in the right decisions and in the quality of our performance. Our team is characterized by a strong relationship of trust among each other. This basis of trust enables us to be successful together.

Our customers trust us because we offer them sustainability and ecological solutions. We understand that trust is a commitment that we must fulfill every day. It is our goal to create value through our work and make a positive impact on the environment and society.

We want to earn your trust. We are convinced that we deserve it because we believe in our abilities and in our ideas. Give us your trust, because we have the confidence to meet your expectations and to shape a sustainable future together.

Our team

Managing Director

Jens Schulz

  • 15+ years entrepreneur in the renewable energy industry (development, construction and operation of projects with focus on photovoltaics in Germany and Italy)
  • previously owner of the Renewable Energy Group CIC Group
  • Projektentwicklung, Baubetreuung, Errichtung, Asset Management, Operations & Maintenance von insgesamt über 750 MW mit Schwerpunkt Italien
  • Management of solar assets >EUR 500 million.
  • Accredited BayernLB consultant for the Italian energy market
  • Founder / Managing Partner of 1-4-9 Invest Group and the associated Capiteum GmbH and Capiteum srl

Team Leader

Back Office Germany:
Sonja Eifler (s.eifler@cic-invest.com)

Back Office Italy:
Francesca Masera (f.masera@cic-invest.com)

Theresa Meyer (t.meyer@cic-invest.com)

Technical Department:
Matthias Ermer (m.ermer@cic-invest.com)

Christina Schneider (c.schneider@cic-invest.com)

Anna Dagner (a.dagner@cic-invest.com)

Project Management Italy:
Anna Foppa (a.foppa@cic-invest.com)

Project Management USA:
Nathan Torres (n.torres@cic-invest.com)

Our locations


Franz-von-Taxis-Ring 32
93049 Regensburg

Piazza Parrocchia 4
39042 Bressanone (BZ)

3550 General Atomics Court
92121 San Diego

Our history


Foundation of the first CIC company

Carport PV system

Planning and construction of one of the largest carport PV plants in the world (12.6MW) in Italy

Structure portfolio

Partnership with the leading German mid-market private equity provider to build up a portfolio in the field of renewable energies in Europe (announced volume in the first tranche: EUR 150 - 300 million)


Accreditation as consultant for Bayerische Landesbank (BayernLB) for the Italian energy market


Restructuring management structure of CIC Group in CIC Invest

Foundation of 1-4-9 Invest Infrastructure Equity Fund

Start of development of Agri PV plants with over 340 MWp in Italy


Signing of 500 MWp of Agri PV plants in Italy

Acquisition of shares of a US aviation company

Opening of the first US office in San Diego

Our partners